What teachers can teach and not teach you…

You go to school and you learn all these things, but what do you actually learn about? I’m guessing you would most likely learn about things that you’re “supposed” to know in life. You learn math and science, which might possibly be all lies(considering that we don’t even know the whole world in truth). You learn languages how to use and speak them “correctly” and along with all other kinds of subjects they have in school to “teach” you things. Although you can learn all these things there are many things you can’t learn from teachers in school, you don’t learn how to be yourself, experience new things, do what you want to do, you don’t find more about the whole world you live in, you just kind of stay in a place a called school and home most of the time, sure you travel and go to other places, but you mostly see the good parts of the world when you travel, so do you ever see the bad parts?


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