Where I’m from

I am from sweets, like the red tasting velvet cake we have on special days,

filled with swirls of cream cheese icing and ice cream cold as the snowflakes that fall and melt in your mouth as you eat them.

I am from my loving dogs that jump and bark fro joy when we arrive back home, begging us to rub their tummies.

I am from the cherry blossoms that float and dance in the wind, the soft white and pink petals flying around until the wind calms down.

I am from the two-in-a-half palm trees in the front of our yard, that signals us when the wind is blowing.

I am from the starry night skies that I gaze up to, seeing the sparkling stars in the dark night.

I am from the water, which i love to swim and play in like a fish.

I’m from the tiger, my animal of the year that I was born in.

I’m from the puzzles with many pieces that keep me busy when I’m bored.

I’m from my basket full stuffed animals, some long forgotten.

I’m from sleeping under the cozy blankets and night sky over my head, until the next day comes to wake me up once again.


One response to “Where I’m from

  1. Jas,

    I remember you reading this poem – while I don’t remember much about it from then, it certainly stands out to me now. Your peom has excellent imagery, with the best parts being the descriptions of the cake and cherry blossoms.

    Your writing conventions were good, as I didn’t spot any specific errors. Similarly, you had some good examples of figurative language, with one example being the simile of the cake’s icin being “cold as the snowflakes that fall and melt in your mouth as you eat them”.

    Your specificity could be improved, however. To remedy this, perhaps you could add the dogs’ names?

    Otherwise, I liked the ending. It ended the poem well, and left me with a good feeling.

    Good job with this poem! I enjoyed reading it.

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